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How Coworking Spaces Benefit Entrepreneurs

Coworking spaces are working spaces that are available to co-workers. Coworking is a unique arrangement where employees of various companies share an entire office space, giving both cost savings and flexibility through the utilization of shared facilities, including common utilities, equipment, administrative or catering services, and sometimes refreshments or laundry delivery services. It is not uncommon for workers in a coworking space to have flexible scheduling options where they are able to work from home if preferred or are able to make decisions and choices about working conditions and benefits without having to answer to more than one boss. This allows them to enjoy a work environment that is safer, more organized, more stimulating and fun. In fact, there are numerous advantages to hiring co-working spaces. Let’s explore a few of them.

The advantages to the employer are many. You will be saving cash by avoiding renting a commercial real estate property. Employees that enjoy being in a comfortable, secure environment with other employees who share similar values and hobbies are much more likely to succeed and reach their goals. Coworking offices provide an atmosphere that is conducive to creative thought, team spirit building, good communication, relationships with supervisors and peers, a supportive environment, creativity, problem-solving, good health and productivity.

Coworking spaces provide a wonderful place for business executives to “get away from it all” and to have an area to conduct business. They can include private offices, break rooms, boardrooms, conference rooms, and lounge areas with amenities such as hot tubs, fireplaces, saunas, fire pits, TVs, and more. Many also have common areas, such as a library or bar.

The downsides to coworking spaces are rare, especially compared to shared office spaces. The average monthly coworking space rental is about $1500 which is much cheaper than  typical commercial office spaces. The costs of coworking spaces are based on several factors; lease type, size of the workspace, location, services provided, and amenities provided.

The advantages and disadvantages of coworking spaces are not as clear-cut as for private offices. Many entrepreneurs are wary of shared office spaces, even in a coworking setting. However, there are several compelling reasons that businesses of all sizes should consider coworking spaces. Entrepreneurs who are not located near enough to meet with clients regularly can benefit from having their own office space. Small companies that need extra space when they are on the road a lot can also benefit from this type of workspace.

There are many perks associated with coworking spaces that make them attractive to entrepreneurs. They tend to have many added amenities, such as heated floors and outdoor eating and drinking areas. The monthly rental is more affordable than other types of leases, especially if a startup company is expanding. Coworking spaces tend to be less expensive than other kinds of private offices, making them a popular choice for startup entrepreneurs.

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