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Must-haves before embarking on tent

It is becoming more and more frequent that 20×40 canopy tent are used for the celebration of any type of event, party, promotion, etc. It is a type of Pole Tent that has many applications, since they can be used for events, fairs, catering services, product promotion stands, points of sale, and many more, and they are increasingly used due to the advantages what are you offering:

  • They are easy to assemble: in most cases, it is not necessary to have an expert team or assembly tools, since there are no loose parts.
  • Quick installation: in just a few seconds they can be installed, which takes to stretch the tent.
  • Easy transport: when they are folded, the folding tents take up very little space, making them easier to transport.
  • They do not require permits: it is not necessary to request special permits for assembly.
  • Variety in location: as they are small in size, they can be used in a small private garden or in public spaces.
  • Personalized marquees: they provide a great image due to their clean design and neat image, which can bring prestige to any brand.

On the other hand, when choosing a folding tent for an event, you should bear in mind that there are folding tents of various types, depending on the layout of the canvas:

– Tent with walls: used for parking lots or for catering, when you do not want the interior to be seen from the outside.

– Tent with window walls: offers an exterior view that is ideal, as well as lots of light.

– Half wall tent: it is perfect for stands at fairs, or information stands where you can interact from inside the tent with the people who pass by.

– Tent without walls: a tent in the air, without structure and in the open, which would only be used with the aim of providing shade in the space it occupies.