How important are entrance mats for your business?

Yes. If you’re in one these key roles, absolutely!

  • You have full control over your building’s operation budget.
  • You achieve janitorial duties as well as custodial.
  • You are answerable for health and safety at the workstation.
  • You support make brand consciousness and promotion plan for your company.
  • You are responsible to ensure customer satisfaction.

You might ask, “What are entry mats to do with all those persons?”

  1. You control your building’s operations budget.

Most material goods managers are limped by reduction operating resources and ever-expanding scopes of tasks! Hidden efficiencies can be a great way for you to stretch your budget further. Also, a thorough inspection of your building’s entry matting can almost always lead to new savings.

  1. You manage custodial as well as janitorial duties.

Property managers are always looking to find smart ways of reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and getting more done with less resources. A commercial-quality, functional, and durable entrance mat can cut down on the time it takes to clean floors. High-quality and high-performance matting is not just floppy, sloppy rent matting. It actively captures and traps dirt and keeps it focused at entrance points. Imagine that dirt is like a sticky spilled liquid. It’s easier and faster for you to clean up the sticky spillage if it’s concentrated into one small puddle.

  1. You are accountable for health and safety at the workstation.

H&S managers must pay attention to potential dangers in the workplace. Employees and customers/visitors can fall and trip-and fall hazards are dangerous. It is because they are so loose that they don’t stay flat on the ground, that rental mats can become a serious tripping hazard. If shoes are caught on the edges or corners of rental mats while people walk over them, they can wrinkle up and flip over.

  1. You help create brand awareness and marketing strategy for your company.

Many people look at where they are going, so when they enter a building, they usually have their eyes on the floor. It’s a great idea to put your logo, or branding messaging directly in front their eyes. Most retailers are not aware of the many branding opportunities available to you in your facility’s floors. Your entrance mats can serve two purposes. They improve building safety, cleanliness, and reinforce your brand’s image with an inlaid logo. You need to install entrance matting in order for your commercial building to be well managed.

  1. You are responsible to ensure customer satisfaction.

Custom logo rugs are the first contact point that customers and visitors have with your space. The first thing people see in an interior building is its floor mat. It’s the first place they touch. Do they look clean and tidy? Are they dirty and cluttered with debris? Are they appropriate for the space? Or are they a mismatched collection of throw-down mats that don’t fit? Are they secure and stable underfoot? Customers judge businesses without even realizing that they are doing so. Are you allowing poor mats to undermine your efforts in creating an exceptional customer experience?