How to choose your business phone number

Your business number was tied to your geographical location in the past. With technological advances such as the development of VoIP, there are so many more possibilities now. One of the great things about VoIP is that you get to choose your number, and you can essentially choose whatever kind of number you would like, as virtual numbers can have a lot more flexibility.

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Local numbers

For some kinds of businesses, having a local number is a good idea. The business may be located in the area, or the business might want to impress upon customers that it knows about local services. A local number can help to build credibility and trust and create a solid place in the local community. For more on the value of a business building trust, see this report in The Guardian.

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Other options

Another choice for businesses is non-geographic numbers. However, these are not always popular as callers can be charged a high rate for using them, which can deter some customers. This kind of number may not create the kind of image a business wants.

There are also nationwide 03 numbers, which are linked to any specific part of the UK and don’t mean lots of extra charges for those calling them. Another advantage of VoIP is the cost reductions it offers to a business, particularly if using a VoIP wholesale package. A business can save lots of money on making calls, customers can contact the business with little outlay, and the cost of maintaining a VoIP platform is much lower than maintaining the infrastructure required for traditional landlines.

If you want to discover more about the benefits of a VoIP wholesale package, it’s time to contact a reputable supplier to get more information. Why not follow this link to find out more on VoIP and get some great savings for your business?

VoIP is what the future of telephony looks like. Make the most of what VoIP offers by knowing what your business needs and what features would benefit it most. Once you know what you want, there will be a VoIP package available that services the needs of your business, makes it easier to expand your business, and will achieve all this at extremely favourable rates that are probably less than what you’re spending now.