Important Steps to Design the Ideal Branded Reusable Bag

People are increasingly adopting eco-friendly products as it protects the nature. When the business uses reusable bags made from recycled materials, it is perceived as more authentic and credible.

From the business point of view, reusable bags are affordable and long-lasting marketing that can generate a thousand impressions in their lifetime. So, let us look at how to design it to get the desired benefits from it.

Choose the Right Material

The first thing that you need is a selection of the right material to create a bag. A majority of businesses prefer strong, eco-friendly unbleached cotton and sturdy. The material should be durable, presentable, and functional. It should be capable to carry daily supplies easily.

Custom Earth Promos sells unique and durable promotional reusable bags to improve the visibility and growth of businesses. Users can select from their diverse set of water bottles, lanyards, tumblers, seed paper products, pens, and more.

A recycled bag is a good option to consider. Such bags are made by recycling old plastic bottles and containers.  In this way, it puts the plastic into productive use and prevents blocking the landfills.

Select the Style

Once you finalize the material, you can move on to the next step i.e., style selection.   To find the best bag style, consider your business and the type of audience. If you own a beverage shop, then tall reusable bags to store wine bottles will be ideal. Start with a limited order as you may need some enhancement in the design.

If you find that your audience finds the design appealing and useful, then you can make more bags of such style. Several bags are made exclusively for grocery stores or events such as trade shows. So, based on the requirements of your business, you can choose the best style.

Choose Colors

In this step, you will choose the best color for your bag. The color you choose should match the color used in the business logo, flyers, brochures, signage, tags, the website, etc. It will help the audience relate that color to your website. A business may choose a single color or multiple colors based on what it uses on the branding items.

Decide the Logo

Choose the best logo for your reusable bag. Consider the type and shape of the bag when deciding the logo. It should easily fit within the dimensions of the bag. Now comes the color of the logo. If you want your logo to appear colorful, then the background color or the bag color has to be neutral (black or white).

However, if you have chosen bright background color, then choose a logo in white/navy/black color. It will prevent your logo color from mixing with the background color and will be displayed clearly to the users.


Eco-friendly marketing practices put a good impression on people. They become interested and encouraged to work with that business. By following these steps, you can easily create impressive reusable bags that advertise the brand most effectively. These appealing bags will surely enhance credibility and help you get more business.

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