Why VOIP Is a Good Choice for Mid-Level Businesses

If you are starting a business, you probably understand the importance of communication. It is the lifeblood of any business as it facilitates management and opens channels to consumers. The bigger the company the more lines of communication are necessary. Some companies even have a whole department dedicated to managing communication. For smaller businesses that cannot afford all that there a solution can be found in VOIP software.

What Is VOIP

VOIP stands for voice over internet protocol. It is software that allow phone calls to be facilitated over the world wide web. The process essentially transforms a voice’s vibrations into digital code. This type of communication allows calls to be monitored and made from all over the world. A voip phone system for business is a smart choice as it highly effective, cheaper, and is accompanied by numerous additional services.

Virtual Numbers

As VOIP can be facilitated anywhere in the world a virtual number allows companies to have a local number for the region they are doing business in. If you operate in England for instance you would have a virtual number that is London-based. This creates great solutions to consumers connections.

Multiple Extensions and Call Waiting

VOIP allows for the creation of extensions so callers can be directed to specific people. The system allows calls to be placed on hold. This is ideal for high-volume call times. It also prevents calls from being dropped and allows for the formation of a queue.

Virtual Operator:

Many systems come with a virtual operator that answers calls and routes them out through a virtual switchboard. The AI operator does serve a purpose but mostly provides the company using it a professional feel. It also ensures that every call made will be answered.

Call Routing

A VOIP system allows conference calls, has call waiting, and optimizes call routing. It even allows mobile devices tobe linked to the number so that calls can be taken with smartphones. Not only does the system enhance overall communication but it also makes the business using it sound very professional.

Video Conferencing

VOIP service also accommodates video conferencing. The idea to fuse visuals with traditional banking methods allows for better communication in many ways. Executives can look at charts and graphics within the call as opposed to waiting for them later.


VOIP is ideal for smaller business because of how cost effective it is. A professional phone service that utilizes dozens of lines and facilitates operators to manage call flow is very expensive. Larger businesses need it because of the scale of calls they receive per day. Smaller business do not need such a hefty system but can still enjoy the perks of one VOIP. As the software is hooked up to existing internet connections installation is easy. There is a monthly fee from the service being used but other than that the overall cost is greatly reduced.