What to Know About SEO and Meta Description

Meta descriptions are a huge part of SEO, and many people completely overlook them when trying to improve a site’s performance. Your first chance to try and sell your website to a potential customer is what is in your meta description. It’s such an important part of online advertising, and one that you should definitely learn the tricks to.

What Is a Meta Description?

A meta description is there to describe the content of a web page, helping the searcher know what they’re getting when they click a link. Effective meta descriptions mean your SEO ranking with search engines will improve. Google also uses the meta description in the results of a search, so having an effective one can really increase your chances of getting those clicks through to your website.

How to Write a Meta Description

There are a few hard and fast rules you can follow when trying to write an effective meta description. The first is that the description itself should be short and to the point, giving a concise description of the content on the page.

The second is that if you’re struggling with meta descriptions, hire someone to help you. London professional SEO services such as Elevate UK are there to help when it comes to writing effective meta descriptions. If yours don’t seem to be working, call in the experts to boost your Google ranking.

A meta description should be short, because a regular search engine normally won’t show any more than 160 characters. This means you only have around 20 words or less to work with when creating a meta description. All of your pages should have their own unique meta description that you’ve carefully created and reviewed for effectiveness.

Primary keywords also should be included in your meta descriptions, but try not to pack it full, as this will reflect badly on your SEO rankings. Any use of quotation marks should be discarded also, as it truncates the meta description.

When you don’t include any keywords, Google will pull copy from somewhere on the page in question. These leads to bad meta descriptions that often make no sense and are very off-putting to the potential web visitor. A bad meta description has a huge impact on your SEO rankings.