Boost Your Website Traffic With Pixel Advertising

Boost Your Website Traffic With Pixel Advertising

Are you not getting enough traffic to your website??…Worried about getting targeted traffic to your website??Well then, you have landed on correct place….
If you really want to succeed on the Internet, then you really need to have nice and targeted traffic to your website. Internet is full of website marketing techniques like: Pay Per Click Marketing, email marketing, Search Engine Optimization etc. This hub page is dedicated to explain the importance of pixel advertising technique for increasing traffic to your website.

With Pixel advertising technique, many businesses have been able to transform the fortunes and enable them to make profits though increased product marketing through their websites.
Pixel Advertising, is one of the newest and least talked about website marketing strategy on the internet. So, what is this Pixel Advertising buzz is all about? Well, it all started in 2005 by Alex Tew, who created a web page with million pixels on it which could be sold for website advertising or marketing. He divided webpage into 1 million pixels and started selling each pixel for 1$. Advertiser need to purchase pixels and place their website ad on pixel ad sites homepage. All the pixels were sold within 1 year of span.
Okay. But how is Pixel advertising different from other website marketing techniques available in the market?.

1. Extremely strong and Inexpensive website marketing techniques of all.

2. Your websites gets visible to huge traffic across the globe.

3. It helps you in building back links as it gives you direct link back from Homepage.

4. Rapidly growing trend on the Internet.

5. Can be helpful to give your website a competitive advantage.
Here are few conventional ways to Boost your website traffic:
PPC Marketing : Pay Per Click marketing (eg:Google ad words, Facebook adverts, Microsoft ad-centre etc).

Advantage: Targeted traffic, Very effective.

Disadvantage: Expensive compared to other marketing strategies.
Purchase Website Traffic: Many traffic packages are available on the internet. In this technique you will get continuous flow of traffic to your website from unique IPs.

Advantage: Inexpensive, recommended for new businesses or websites

Disadvantage: Non targeted traffic
Article / Press Release Writing and Submissions: This would cost you around 10$ for 500 word article (press releases are costlier that article writing). Content will be written by article writing experts and will be submitted to HIGH PR article directories. This will give you continuous flow of website traffic. Press release would expose your website to lacks of news hungry people across the globe.

Advantage: targeted visitors, helps in link building process.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Search engine optimization is a basic strategy which can be used to optimize your webpage so that it is easily searchable or crawl-able to major search engines robots (eg: GoogleBot).
1. Optimize Robots.txt, Sitemap XML file
2. Use H1, H2 headings
3. Optimize Website Title, META keywords, META descriptions
4. Try to have unique and huge content
5. Make sure keyword density will be 1-3%.
6. Link building services like: forum, blog submissions
7. Domain Age with 5-10 years is always preferable.
Advantage: Best technique when followed correctly.

Disadvantage: Quality SEO packages are very expensive.
Email Marketing: Powerful technique which involves Sending bulk emails to lacks of people communicating your websites product.
Advantage: Best or recommended technique for beginners.