How Printed Mugs Can Add a Bit of Fun to Your Office

How Printed Mugs Can Add a Bit of Fun to Your Office

Sometimes coffee is the only thing able to get you through the morning, especially on a Monday. However, the drab mugs typically found in an office setting become rather bland, similar to mood you may be in when you first enter the office. Of course, it does not need to be this way. It is possible to have a little fun with printed mugs in an office setting, bringing a smile to not only yourself, but other individuals in the office. This helps set your mug apart from other mugs, and it is a great conversation piece, should you feel like discussing your mug with your peers.
Printed mugs go a long way in jazzing up the morning coffee break. The white mug adds nothing and it just ends up staining. However, a mug with a specialised image or tag line on it is a fantastic way to help people feel a bit more energised, before sipping down the coffee. You may want to place funny images of each employee on the different mugs. This lets them laugh a bit about themselves while sipping their coffee. You may also want to put on a quote from one of their favourite television shows or movies. This way they are reminded of things they like to see or do, while they are at the office. It is often difficult to plough through the middle of the work week, but with a little inspiration, such as the message printed on the coffee mug, it is more possible than usual.

Just make sure everyone in the office has a specialised mug. You don’t want individuals or one person feeling left out. This is going to bring down moral, which is exactly the opposite task you are attempting to accomplish. Thankfully, creating these mugs is not overly complicated, and a well established print house is going to have no problem creating these images. You may want to ask the individuals what image or quote they’ll want on the mugs first, as you don’t want to offend them with an image they don’t like. Of course if you are trying to surprise your workers, just go with an image that is flattering and possible funny at the same time.
Possibly the best part of having personalised mugs in the office, is there is no longer a confusion in who’s mug is who’s. With the images and quotes on the mugs, each person is able to find their own mug, without guessing and possibly taking the wrong mug. It is hard to miss a mug with a picture of yourself or your wife and kids on the mug. Employees probably aren’t going to mix these mugs up.