6 Helpful Tips for Senior-Level Recruiting

Senior-level positions are essential to any company because they have a strong impact on the business as a whole. People in this position are responsible for important decisions and act as leaders, but did you know this kind of senior-level position is often difficult to recruit for? Here are six tips to help you find the right senior candidate.

  1. Agree on a Candidate Profile

Hiring for a senior-level position is an important endeavour because whoever you hire will have a lot of responsibility and need to be relied upon to do their job well. That’s why it’s important that everyone is on the same page about what kind of candidate profile you are looking for, especially when it comes to the hiring and management team who can often experience disconnect when it comes to hiring goals.

A candidate profile should be clear and precise, and outline the traits, skills, and experience required for the position. The management team also needs to be sure that the hiring team is fully aware of what the position involves and what will be expected of the candidate.

  1. Make Sure Your Candidate Fits with Company Culture

Because you are looking for a candidate that will have a strong influence at the senior level, it’s important to find someone who shares in the same values, vision, and overall company culture of your business.

The job interview is the ideal time to find out whether or not a candidate is a cultural fit – be sure to ask questions about what they value at work and how they function as a team.

  1. Look for Candidates Who Are Already Employed

The best candidates for senior-level positions are the ones who are already employed because they have proven their competency and ability to successfully lead. These kinds of candidates are called ‘passive candidates’ and typically many of them are open to exploring other career options.

  1. Make Sure Your Long-Term Goals Are Aligned

Senior-level positions need to be filled by someone who can provide stability and consistency in order to ensure the long-term success of an organization. When looking for a candidate, make sure to ask them what their short-term and long-term goals are – where do they see themselves in five years, etc.?

If you’re looking for someone to establish themselves in your company then you’ll want to make sure that they share the same goals as you.

  1. Offer the Right Compensation

Because you’re looking for someone to fill a long-term role, you’ll want to make sure you’re offering them the right stuff to attract the right person. Provide a competitive salary and benefits, as well as other attractive incentives like flexible hours, autonomy, growth opportunities, and more.

  1. Consider Your Internal Candidates as Well

Don’t forget to consider your internal candidates who have already proven themselves in your company and who have a long-established history there. Perhaps the perfect fit is already right under your nose.

With these six tips in mind you’ll be sure to find someone in no-time; just make sure that you are taking your time and working with your teams in order to successfully fill the position.